By flame-lamination one understands the making of a compound of 2, resp. 3 components (single-, resp. sandwichlamination) by using the adhesion characteristics of the foam which is melted by the line-gasburner.

Flame-laminating-machines are used to join thermoplastic materials like foam made of polyester, polyether, polyethylen or various adhesive foils and textile, PVC-foils, artificial leather, non-wovens, papers or other materials.
Depending on the machine construction, single- or sandwich- laminations can be made. The materials are taken from bales or plates (flat-base-laminating-machine).

A line-gasburner which is installed across the whole working width, is melting the foam, resulting in an adhesive film. Inside the calander, the foam and the top fabric, resp. the backlining are permanently joined together when running through the laminating gap.

Working speed: up to 60m/min (depending on the material). Working width: up to 2000 mm standard – special widths on request

The complete plant is controlled by a separate control desk.

The following additional equipment, which can also be
installed into already existing machines, is available:

Guiding- and tentering units
Accumulators for foam, textile, backlining
Trimming units to seed and separate the laminated product
Winding units: centre winding unit, mandrel winding unit,
   friction winding unit for un- and rewinding
• Straightening units for continuous fabric and winding units
Burner systems
Inspection Machine

Sandwich-Lamination                Single-Lamination
Our plants can be combined according to the unit construction system, starting from the middle parts which can be constructed either as single- or sandwich-laminating-machines.

It is at any time possible to install additional storage units for textile, foam and backlining for continuous operation or a guiding unit.

The heart of the laminating machine – »Bonding« laminating machine
Standard machine for non-continuous operation, consisting of
Standard machine for continuous operation – with storage units for textile, foam and backlining to compensate exchange times of the material:
A: Unwinding unit textile B: Unwinding unit backlining C: Unwinding unit foam D: Winding unit finished product
1: Laminating machine 2: Frame for the material flow 3: Edge trimming unit 4: Mandrel winding unit
A: Unwinding unit textile B: Unwinding unit backlining C: Unwinding unit foam D: Winding unit finished product
1: Unwinding unit foam 2: Welding machine 3: Foam accumulator 4: Textile accumulator 5: Frame for the material flow 6: Guiding unit
7: Laminating machine 8: Backlining accumulator 9: Edge trimming unit 10: Product accumulator 11: Take-up bracket double  





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