L. R. SCHMITT Nachfolger - Sondermaschinenbauges.m.b.H.

For more than 60 years experience in conception, construction and worldwide assembly of flame-laminating-plants.

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By flame-lamination one understands the making of a compound of two, resp. three components (single, resp. sandwich-lamination) by using the adhesion characteristics of the foam which is melted by the line-gas-burner …


Needle perforating machines are machines on which continuous materials like e.g. leather, artificial leather, foils, papers, etc. can be micro-perforated. The needle density is variable up to max. 60 needles/cm². The working speed depends on the used material …


Our plants are equipped with state of the art safety-, control- and drive technology


Standard-needle-perforating-machine Type NPS 160 with separate un- and rewinding unit for the micro-perforation of continuous materials like artificial leather, foils, etc.


For inspection of woven and knitted fabrics, as well as laminated materials


Other special machines on request, we make many things possible. You can find a product selection in the following link:

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