In 1957, the company was founded in Aschaffenburg.

The manufacturing focus at that time consisted of general machinery.

In 1962, the first flame-laminating-machine was manufactured and put into production with great success, resulting in a rapid increase in business for the company.

 In 1970, our product range was extended by the development of the needle-perforating-machine.

1997 – Development of a micro-perforating-machine for a well-respected automotive manufacturer for improvement of seat comfort.

In March 1997, the company has been taken over by Mr. Faustmann, Mr. Difour an Mr. Dorst. Our micro-perforating-machine and line-gas-burner were patented.

In May 2003 the company moved into the new building in Aschaffenburg.

Currently, 90% of our products are for export, primarily for the automotive supply industry in more than 50 countries.

We are a privately owned company and it is our philosophy to meet customer´s demands in a quick and flexible way.

All machines are specially constructed according to customer´s demands.