Needle perforating machines are machines on which continuous materials like e.g. leather, artificial leather, foils, papers, etc. can be micro-perforated. The needle density is variable up to max. 60 needles/cm². The working speed depends on the used material. Dependent on the used material, the Needle-Perforating-Machine could be build into a Cold- or Hot-Perforating-Machine.

Perforiermaschine Needle-perforating-machine

Needle perforating machine
type NPS 160
For microperforation of sheet materials like artificial leather, foils, etc.
Separate unwinding, rewinding and exhaust hood.

Nadelperforiermaschine Needle-perforating-machine

For installation into a production line
Working width 2000 mm.


Nadelperforiermaschine Needle-perforating-machin

Special construction for perforation of packing foils and for installation into a printing press.

Perforiermaschine Needle-perforating-machine

For installation into a hose-foil-machine
Working width 4800 mm.


Perforating of leather pieces

For a leading automotive manufacturer we constructed a patented Micro-Perforating-Machine for real leather pieces.

This perforation increases the vapor permeability of the leather, which contributes significantly to improving seating comfort (sweat-absorbing).

The NPM needle perforation rings
The NPM needle perforation rings

Functional principle:

The NPM consists of a heated or unheated needle roller, a rubber- or felt-coated counter-pressure-roller, and un- and rewinding units according to customer’s request.